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Tour Code: SSTM – 02

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(Price base on Seat In Coach)
Tour Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Tour price: Adults EURO 15.00 (Min: 2 adults)
Children EURO 8.00 (3-12 years old)

Note: For German-speaking guide service additional fee of Euro 40.00 per tour.
Morning tour pickup time 8.45am-9.00am
Morning tour start 9.00am
Afternoon tour pickup time 1.45pm-2.00pm
Afternoon tour start 2.00pm
The journey will take you towards the eastern suburbs of Kuala Lumpur to witness traditional Malay architecture and handicrafts. Experience firsthand the Malaysian traditional lifestyle via simple yet colorful villages untouched by time. Once tin mining areas, these villages are today known as centers for unique handicraft and culture. Our tour will take you to the following areas:

Istana Sharif Ali The palace of the Sultan of Brunei.
Ambassador’s Row Embassies of the world’s nations all lie on this road.
Pewter factory Fine pewter made the old way .
A Rubber Plantation The commodity that once made Malaysia famous.
Batik Factory Traditional batik making with live demonstrations.
Batu Caves A Hindu temple set within a cave system over 400 million years old.
Chocolate factory Taste of Malaysian chocolate
OE Fine Jewellery Fine jewellery made in Malaysia for the world.

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